5 Signs of Workplace Burnout (and what to do about them)

Have you ever felt you’re too tired going to work even the day has just started? Or, you find it boring to work on the tasks. You can no longer feel the drive to do your best and impress your boss with your performance. The challenge is no longer there, and you seem to be confused about whether you’re going to pursue or have a change of career. When these symptoms are present, you might be experiencing workplace burnout.

What is Workplace Burnout?

Mayo Clinic, a leading website delivering medical information, defines workplace burnout as the following:

“Job burnout, or workplace burnout, is a special type of work-related stress — a state of physical or emotional exhaustion that also involves a sense of reduced accomplishment and loss of personal identity.”

“Burnout” isn’t a medical diagnosis. Some experts think that other conditions, such as depression, are behind burnout. Some research suggests that many people who experience symptoms of job burnout don’t believe their jobs are the main cause. Whatever the cause, job burnout can affect your physical and mental health. Consider how to know if you’ve got job burnout and what you can do about it”, the website also added.

Psychology Today also stated that burnout is a condition of chronic stress leading to cynicism and detachment, physical and emotional exhaustion, and a feeling of lack of accomplishment.

The same website recommended the following:

“If you are experiencing some of these symptoms, this should be a wake-up call that you may be on a dangerous path. Take some time to honestly assess the amount of stress in your life and find ways to reduce it before it’s too late. Burnout isn’t like the flu; it doesn’t go away after a few weeks unless you make some changes in your life. And as hard as that may seem, it’s the smartest thing to do because making a few little changes now will keep you in the race with a lot of gas to get you across the finish line.”

You might be having workplace burnout if you’re experiencing the following symptoms:

- Physical fatigue

- Difficulty in sleeping or insomnia

- Heart palpitations

- Weakened immune system

- Lack of focus and concentration

- Chronic fatigue

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Loss of appetite

- Gastrointestinal pain

- Anger

- Exhaustion

- Dizziness

- Colds

- Irritability

- Pessimism

- Aggression

- Mood swings

5 Main Causes of Workplace Burnout

Generally, the following are the common causes of workplace burnout. It is crucial that both employers and employees are aware of these causes so that they will learn how to avoid them.

#1 Overwhelming Tasks and Job Scope

When tasks are too many to handle and deadlines are set in a too-tight timeframe, employees can feel too overwhelmed and less motivated. It is important that every employee is informed about the scope of the job, as well as the specifications and task descriptions. When tasks are not explained properly, chaos and conflicts may arise. When this setup continues, an employee may lose interest to go to work because he/she will feel not really directed to what needs to be done. It is important that every task is defined and what limitation must be acquired.

#2 Poor Management, Poor Delegation

A company that is poorly managed can be the main contributor to workplace burnout. There should be clear policies and rules to follow. When an employee works in a company where there is no respect or recognition, there can be problems in dealing with the whole team and management. Employees will have low morale and that can gradually lead to stress and burnout.

Another issue that management must pay attention to is the poor delegation of responsibilities. There should be a clear and systematic delegation of assignments. Make sure to promote a working environment that is free from office politics and gossip. Personal issues should be encouraged to not affect the quality of work employees will provide. Always remember that a healthy working environment can always motivate a person while a toxic environment can always reduce an employee’s drive to perform better.

#3 Poorly Set-up Workstation

An inadequate environment also causes workplace burnout. Poor lighting, uncomfortable desks and chairs, and cluttered accessories can make workers irritable and less efficient. This should be given proper attention. Employers must understand that workstations must be properly set up, organized, and safe. Every workplace should apply proper ergonomics. When employees are not comfortable with their working desk, for instance, it can cause them to generate quality results.

Use standing desks and desk converters to avoid the bad effects of a sedentary lifestyle. An ergonomic chair should be considered to prevent back pain issues, fatigue, and neck pain. Ergonomic accessories like vertical mouse, monitor mounts, anti-fatigue mats, and desk treadmills are also great things to include in the workplace.

Making sure that the workplace is safe, comfortable, clean, and organized will help companies save money and promote productivity.

#4 Lack of Work-Life Balance

When employees are spending more hours on what their normal hours are, they can be stressed and experience burnout. Too much is bad, as we often hear. That is why employers should also encourage employees to have a proper work-life balance. This will not only ensure good health but will also promote better focus and efficiency.

A company may implement programs such as wellness, vacation, and other rewards that will promote balance in their personal and professional careers.

#5 Lack of skills for the job

When tasks become too monotonous and stagnant, employees may lose the drive to perform outstandingly on their tasks. Everything becomes boring and the fire to go for a challenge is no longer igniting. However, there is no reason to always stay placid in the middle of innovation and emerging skills. Unless employees want to be left behind, they should start taking action to cope up or compete.

Never stop learning; continue finding new skills and enhancing capabilities. There are new and convenient ways to learn and improve. Workplace burnout will not emerge when employees are motivated and engaged with the new working trends.

Final Thoughts

Workplace burnout is a serious concern that should be given proper attention. This can lead to lower productivity and even personal conflicts. Make sure to learn how to avoid the causes of job workout and the tips to handle them correctly.

Ergonomic Sales Expert/Writer at Anthrodesk.ca - a standing desk retailer in Canada. | Sharing tips about productivity, success, motivation, and ergonomics.

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