Adjustable Height Desk Canada: Are they Worth to Use for Online Learning?

Online learning provides various benefits; that is why more and more students are choosing this over traditional learning. It is a life-changing educational trend that unleashed various great opportunities for people who want to improve their learning. In order to make the most of the learning experience, it is a must that the proper tools and requirements are used and met. Aside from top-notch technology, there is also equipment, such as adjustable height desks, that can help online learning more efficiently. You might be thinking: are they worth using for online learning?

The Wonders and Benefits of Online Learning

According to EduCanada, technology plays a vital role in making online and distance learning in Canada. On its official website, it mentioned:

“Distance education allows international students like you to gain remote access to our world-class universities and colleges and learn from our renowned academic faculty. Virtual learning gives you the benefit of a Canadian education when you are unable to be physically present in the classroom. It also offers opportunities for flexible learning, often at your own time and pace.”

EduCanada offers various online programs that allow international students to gain access to world-class Canadian education.

There are various benefits of online learning, including the following:

#1 Flexibility

Students who are doing online learning can have more flexible schedules for their virtual classes. They can have more power of delegating specific time schedules to their classes and other commitments. They are not required to be tied to a fixed schedule, causing them not to entertain other opportunities and projects.

#2 Learning at your own pace

With online learning, you can have control of your learning progress. A self-paced learning method lets you have a system that fits your preference. You may not be required to attend live sessions at all times. Learning materials can be accessed online. Some students can juggle between working and studying and create amazing results.

#3 You can create an ergonomic learning environment

Normally, you can do online learning anywhere. Whether you’re on vacation or at your own house, you can still enjoy studying and learning. However, it would always be better to have a dedicated space where you can set up your learning station. Choose an area where you can concentrate well on your lessons and activities. You can use an adjustable height desk, an ergonomic chair, and some important desk accessories.

#4 It is less expensive

Online education can be less expensive compared to traditional education. For instance, there will be no expenses for commuting. Other expenses that can be removed from your list include car maintenance, transport fee, fuel, and other utility expenses.

#5 It can boost your advancement in career and opportunities

Online learning is an effective method of advancing or upgrading your skills and knowledge. The time you can invest in enhancing your career can be lesser than the length of months and years you will spend on traditional education.

Why Using an Adjustable Height Desk Canada can Promote Efficient Online Learning

Medical experts have advised that sitting for long hours can be dangerous to your health. Since students tend to sit for several hours, they can be prone to becoming sedentary. Prolonged sitting can also lead you to slouch or hunch over your desk. Without the proper equipment to help students, they can be at risk of health conditions such as chronic pain, headaches, weight issues, diabetes, and musculoskeletal disorders.

This is why considering a height-adjustable desk will be a great option. A height-adjustable standing desk lets you sit and stand alternately while attending classes online.

Here are ways how an adjustable height desk Canada are worth to use in online learning:

#1 It helps reduce back pain due to sitting while having online classes

Like office workers, students can also experience back pain and neck pain. This can be due to both physical and psychological stress while studying. With the help of a desk that can be adjusted to a proper height, you will be more comfortable doing your online class activities and focusing on lessons.

#2 An adjustable height desk can increase productivity while having classes

It can be challenging for some students to do all the activities, assignments, and comprehensions effectively. How much more if they are not comfortable because of some health issues like back pain, migraines, and muscle fatigue? This is where an adjustable height desk can be a big help. When students are too much engaged in their classes and forget to stand once in a while, they are putting themselves at risk. They are more likely to have posture-related issues such as back pain, migraines, and musculoskeletal problems. All these can hamper them to become productive and do their tasks effectively.

#3 It helps in preventing weight issues

Prolonged sitting is said to be one of the causes of why people can gain weight. This is due to inactivity leading to lesser calories burned throughout the day. On the other hand, standing is seen to help burn more calories than sitting. With an adjustable height desk, you can quickly shift from sitting to standing. Students will no longer worry about getting extra pounds on their belly because they can now avoid being sedentary using a standing desk.

#4 It helps reduce blood sugar levels

For sure, you do not want to have diabetes. It is a life-long disease with frightening implications. This condition can be acquired when you are living a sedentary lifestyle, making you inactive and prone to various diseases.

An adjustable height desk can help prevent diabetes since it can help students to stay active despite the demanding schedules when they are studying online.

There are other benefits that adjustable height desks can bring to students while learning online. All they need to do is to find the best desk with top-notch quality.

Top Quality Standing Desks from Anthrodesk

Anthrodesk offers high-quality adjustable height desks and other ergonomic products such as converters, ergonomic chair, monitor mounts, ergonomic mouse, and other desk accessories.

#1 Programmable Single Motor Electric Standing Desk

Students will love this programmable single motor electric standing desk. It has a width adjustable that can perfectly fit different ranges of desktops. This will not be a distraction while studying because it has a quiet electric motor lifting the desk to the desired height. Students will just need to select and press one from its four preset buttons if they want to raise or lower the desk. This is one of the most convenient ways to sit and stand and have a healthier online learning experience.

#2 Programmable Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk

AnthroDesk’s programmable dual-motor electric standing desk offers a dual motor design that is exclusively designed to provide a more efficient, quieter and smoother operation. Students can also set it to their desired height with the aid of its two programmable presets. This desk can carry up 265 lbs of weight.

AnthroDesk also has standing desk converters in its wide range of products that are easy to assemble and easy to use.

#3 ErgoSpring Standing Desk Converter — Extra Wide

AnthroDesk’s ErgoSpring Standing Desk Converter is a convenient tool to use. With its Gas-Spring technology, students can smoothly adjust its height from sitting to standing. This desk converter can hold up to 33 lbs. They can set up two monitors (or a monitor and laptop), as well as a tablet and a mouse on the table.

#4 ErgoConvert Electric Sit Stand Desk Converter

Attach this ErgoConvert Electric Sit Stand Desk converter to your current desk to have a functional standing desk. Its height adjustment is smooth and is operational with simple electric controls as well as a powerful motor. Students can lower or raise it so you can stand with the proper posture and get rid of slouching while looking at your monitor.

Online learning is a challenging and exciting activity. However, you can promote a better learning experience if you use ergonomic equipment such as adjustable height desks in Canada and desk converters. Students should use these tools properly to make sure that they will stay healthy and proficient while studying.

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