Creating A Modern and Ergonomic Office At Home

Every workplace has a part in anyone’s journey to achieving a successful professional career. That is why even if you’re now working home-based or office-based, you should start doing an evaluation. Is your workspace helping you to succeed, or is it making you struggle? It is crucial that you work in an ergonomically-designed workplace to ensure that you reduce the injuries and you’ll boost productivity. You may want to create a modern and ergonomic workplace, so here are some tips for you to consider.

Reminders on How to Create an Ideal Ergonomic Workspace

Whether you want your working area to be minimalistic, contemporary or modern, the way you set it up greatly matters. It will help you to prevent conditions such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, musculoskeletal disorders, and repetitive strain injuries. When your workstation does not have the right tools and is not set up properly, your health and work performance may be at risk. Below are some helpful tips you should consider:

#1 Organize your workspace into zones

Every worker has a different preference. You may be a minimalist while some others want their desk to be a bit cluttered. We all have different needs as well as varying styles. Remember that your desk is your dashboard. It will be the area where you will put most of the things you will be using in a whole day’s work. Ergonomic experts recommend that you should organize or divide your desk into specific zones. This can be achieved by arranging your items according to how accessible they should be during your work schedule.

For example, you can have a zone for your keyboard and mouse, which is reached by moving your forearms horizontally. Of course, you need to ensure that your arms and elbows will remain comfortable while using those items. Another zone that you can have is an area for the items that you reach and use frequently. These include notebooks, reference books, and stationery. Another area can be allocated for things that you need to extend the arms or bending your waist. This area will be for the things that you use occasionally. Usually, some people prefer to have some personal items such as indoor plants and family pictures. Find an ideal area for them as well. They should be in a place where you can see them for inspiration but not somewhere that can distract you.

When arranging your workspace, remember that it also requires self-awareness and a bit of inspiration. Your workplace can reflect your personality; thus, you can work happier and more efficiently.

#2 Choose and use the right chair

One of the most important reminders for a worker is to find the best ergonomic equipment to be used at work. One of these is an ergonomic chair. More and more people suffer back pain and other musculoskeletal diseases. Sitting for long hours is the common verdict for that. Workers living a sedentary lifestyle can experience several health conditions including eye strain, back pain, neck pain, and digestive issues. To alleviate back pain and other posture-related problems, getting a good chair is one best solution.

AnthroDesk offers an ergonomic chair that can support someone to work in comfort and prevent problems due to poor posture while sitting. In choosing the right chair, make sure to consider the right considerations when it comes to the chair’s height, backrest recline, tilt, lumbar support, seat depth, and armrest.

#3 Adjust your desk to its proper height

If your job requires you to spend working hours on a desk, then it would be best to use a standing desk. This type of desk can be adjusted to the proper height, making it easy for anyone to conveniently perform tasks at work. AnthroDesk provides a wide range of standing desks with great features you will certainly love. Using a standing desk can be one of the best decisions you can make since it will help you avoid the dangers of sitting for long hours. There are also desk converters that you can use to ensure that your monitor is set up on its proper height.

#4 Position your monitor properly

Placing your monitor properly will help you prevent pain and fatigue caused by using computers. A badly set up monitor can lead to headaches, shoulder pain, and other health problems. When setting up your computer, make sure to consider some factors such as distance (must be about 20 inches from the user), angle (about 10 to 20 degrees in angle), and lighting (avoiding dark spots and shadows in the room , as well as glare that may affect the eyes).

#5 Choose the right keyboard and mouse

It’s significantly important to choose the right ergonomic accessories to ensure proper ergonomics will be applied. When it comes to using keyboard and mouse, make sure to choose the best quality of these accessories. Instead of using a traditional mouse, use an ergonomic vertical mouse to prevent having Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other strain-related injuries. When you’re using the mouse and keyboard too often, your hands and wrists are prone to pain and injuries.

AnthroDesk offers high-quality keyboard and mice that can help workers for more efficient work results.

#6 Create some changes in your lifestyle

Our lifestyle at work and our daily living has a significant role in our health and wellness. The way we work and live our daily lives contributes to how our health is managed. When we choose to live an inactive lifestyle, then we become more prone to having health problems. When we fail to promote proper posture at work and our daily activities, we become more susceptible to diseases related to muscle and bones. That is why it is important to make some improvements in our diet, exercise, work environment, and self-improvement.

Choose to eat healthy foods like vegetables, fish, and fruits. Stay away from foods that are high in carbohydrates that can contribute to common weight issues. Avoid processed and junk foods; all these can cause serious health issues, too.

Applying ergonomics at work will be more effective when your body is also healthy and fit to perform tasks. Even if the work environment is properly arranged, but you are struggling with various diseases, the aim of accomplishing better work results will be challenging. There are simple exercises that you can do. You can sneak a 30-minute day walk every morning or lunch break. This will also help you stay away from a sedentary lifestyle.

Always check your work environment for the proper room lighting and the tools you included. Avoid over dim lighting because it will make it hard for you to focus. Too much bright lighting can cause migraines and other types of headaches. The best to use is natural light. You can also use an LED lamp. Always ensure to have a pleasant work environment so you will have a productive space for your work at home.

Avoid stress as much as possible. Know that when we are stressed, there will be a disconnection of feelings to the commitment we are putting at work. Your concentration at work can also be affected. Find ways to reduce stress and anxiety. Do what you love by creating time to do the things you’re passionate about.

Final Thoughts

Creating a modern and ergonomic home office can be challenging, but once done, it is truly satisfying. Always consider applying proper ergonomics and ensure that comfort and health will be on top of your priority.

Ergonomic Sales Expert/Writer at - a standing desk retailer in Canada. | Sharing tips about productivity, success, motivation, and ergonomics.

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