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You’ve got a small space for your home office, and you want to turn it into your new amazing, comfy workspace. There’s no need to worry about how you can work comfortably and make it stylish because there are many ways you can turn a limited space to a well-designed working haven. You need to have a dose of creativity and some ideas to inspire you. With today’s classic to modern and simple to intricate desk design ideas, you will surely gaze with awe once you’ve created your own home office. There is no big or small home space that you can’t turn to a productive and beautiful workplace, as long as you’re willing to turn design ideas into reality.

There are several factors to consider in setting up in achieving a good desk design. These include natural lighting, space, comfort, functionality, movement, and ergonomics. If you want to shift from conventional desk design ideas to more creative home office insights, then it’s time to discover beautiful inspirations from interior designers, magazines, engineers, architects, and other experts. The ideas are boundless, so it’s up to you to choose the best design you will apply to your next home office space.

9 Beautiful Desk Design Ideas You Can Apply to Small Home Office Space

We’ve compiled below some beautiful desk design ideas that can help you become more motivated and inspired at work.

Idea #1 Live-edge Tables

Using a live edge table as a work desk is one of the favourite ideas of some workers. This is because this type of table poses a touch of Nature in the workplace. Live-edge slabs are lovely and can give a relaxing mood when working. If you’re looking to a more modern workspace and at the same time ergonomic, then why not choose a standing desk with a live edge tabletop? Designers are finding it more beautiful and satisfying to have an interior office design with this piece of furniture. Of course, you should find an ergonomic chair to make sure that your back is well-supported.

Idea #2 Desk Converter

A desk converter is a perfect choice for a home office that has minimal space. There’s no need to add several other tables and desks. You will just need to attach the desk converter to a new or your existing desk, and you can have a more comfortable way of working while standing. You can adjust it depending on your height, so slouching and neck pain will be avoided.

Idea #3 Floating Window Desk

Check out a spot in your home that can be turned into a functional space. How about somewhere near a window and use a custom-built hanging desk? It can be pretty and space-saving. You can have the desk painted with a relaxing tone of the wall colour, plus you can hang weird pictures on sides or corners. You can always glance at the beauty of Nature outside every time you feel bored and tired.

Find out how you can turn your spaces near the window into incredibly pretty workspaces with these ideas.

Idea #4 Floating Drawer

Another idea for your workstation is to have a floating desk drawer. It’s creative, smart, and perfect for a home office with limited space. You can paint it white or light blue, or anything that is your favourite. Always consider your personality when choosing the colours and accessories that you will apply because such will reflect on how you will enjoy your job.

You can check some inspirations here.

Idea #5 Foldable Desk

Let’s talk about smart pieces of furniture to create a home office in a limited space. A DIY foldable desk is one of the best examples of this. This type of desk has legs and work surfaces that are attached to sturdy hinges. You’ll love using a desk that can be mounted on the wall, and then fold it once you’ve done working on your tasks.

You can check some inspirations from desk design ideas here.

Idea #6 Free Hanging Desk

In a tiny home office, you can create a more creative desk far from a traditional desk. Some interior designers use a hanging wood counter and turn them to become simple to stylish working desk. You can also have additional storage solutions with a hanging desk. With this desk design, you will have an open floor space where you can put some storage boxes and file cabinets.

Check some ideas here.

#7 Free-standing Desk

A small space can still look trendy and tidy when you carefully select the items that you will need to include in your home office. You can save space when you choose to have a free-standing desk. Get your inspiration here.

#9 Cabinet Office Desk

Stay focused and enjoy your work while working in a clean and creatively designed cabinet office desk. A desk topped over cabinet drawers is a smart and practical desk idea because you’ll save space but can store more things because of the drawers. Add effects and make the ambiance more satisfying by painting the area with your favourite colour. You can still add items like calendar, mouse, notepads, pens, and potted plants to add life to the whole work environment.

You’ll love these design ideas here.

#10 Trendy built-in desk with white walls

White walls give an ambiance of peace and a clear mind. Most workers choose to have their walls painted with white because it is clean and does not give a distracting appeal. You can also become more productive and focused on such a background. A built-in desk is also perfect for small spaces because it will not require a significant area of the home office. You’ll love the idea here.

The Muse listed some cheap and easy ways on how to make your workspace more fun and stylish all day. Some of the tips suggested are the following:

- Keeping your notes in colourful holders

- Add some greenery on your desk by putting potted plants

- Hang or display your favourite pictures

- Add decors to your boards or calendar

- Be creative with your mugs such as cups with smileys and quotes

- Use colourful pens and papers

- Use push pins and fun magnets

A bit of creativity and style can help you work more productively and effectively because it can bring you happiness and satisfaction. You do not need to worry if you have a small or limited space for your home office. There are different desk design ideas that you can try and will surely turn into amazing and stylish workspaces.

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