How Standing Desks are Shaping New Trends Towards Having A Productive Workplace

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Business owners are becoming more aware when it comes to taking care of their employees’ welfare. They consider not only the workplace design but also the proper ergonomics to be applied. They become well-informed on what equipment and tools should be used and how workers can stay active in the workplace. The workplace trends keep on innovating. New office designs are introduced and safety programs are implemented. Quality standing desks are now creating massive popularity in shaping the new forms of workspaces. Wondering how this is possible? Let’s find out how these ergonomic equipment is making a difference in the lives and performances of the members of the workforce.

How Technology Impacts The Workforce

Innovation plays an important role in determining success in many companies. The rapidly changing technologies and the need for wellness-based design both impact how to establish an ideal workplace. From classic to modern and contemporary office designs, technology plays a significant role. Innovative tools and equipment, as well as office devices, are now becoming available for people in the workplace. As previously mentioned, ergonomic equipment such as standing desks is now being required in some offices to stay healthy and work productively.

Whether you’re working in an office or a home-based workplace, it is always better to provide employees with a dedicated and personalized space so they can focus on their tasks 100%. Besides, functional equipment and furniture are major elements to aid employees to be more active and creative with their jobs. Technology has been utilized to reimagine ergonomic equipment on how they should be designed to maximize an employee’s time in the workplace.

Work-at-Home Lifestyle: The New Trend Amid the Pandemic

Workers have given the opportunity to work in different options of office styles and designs. There were classic and traditional setups, as well as designs that are modern and contemporary. However, the current pandemic that everyone has been experiencing makes a big twist in the lives of working individuals. To avoid the spread of Covid-19, a lot of companies allow their employees to work from home. The numbers of employees working from home have increased, in addition to those who are already working as freelancers or home-based employees.

The new working norm has intensified- that is switching to work-at-home opportunities. Employees started to set up a workstation at home and enjoy doing their tasks in the comfort of their homes. Because of that, they are encouraged to buy standing desks and other ergonomic accessories to make their workspace more ergonomic.

Towards a Productive Workplace: The Benefits of Standing Desks

So, how do standing desks impact new work trends today? To answer this, we need to get familiar with the major benefits they can bring, including the following:

#1 Standing desks contribute to longevity

A healthy work lifestyle can make people healthier and more active in life. This is proven by one of the eldest persons in the world who shared her secret in this article. Staying away from long hours of sitting and being sedentary at work can help workers live a longer life. This is where standing desks can help.

#2 Standing desks increase a worker’s productivity level

It is proven that employee productivity is merely related to health and well-being. It is obvious that an unhealthy employee can produce unproductive results. This can also lead to absenteeism, burnout, and low quality of work output. The benefits of using standing desks are no longer new. They have been utilized by some famous personalities such as Sir Winston Churchill, Leonardo da Vinci, and Thomas Jefferson. Standing desks have been their partner in enhancing their craft and building their career.

#3 Standing desks help employees stay in shape

According to some studies, standing can aid in burning calories compared when you are sitting. However, it is still advisable for you to move around, walk outside the workplace, and spend time doing some desk exercises.

#4 These ergonomic devices can help increase the morale of the workers

Companies that provide their employees with quality standing desks are perceived to have high morale. Such a strategy proves that they care about the welfare of their employees and that they are willing to give the best work experience to them. In return, employees will feel that they are valued and appreciated. They can work more efficiently when they are given the appreciation they deserve. High morale promotes higher productivity.

#5 Standing desks promote a better overall health

Sitting for long hours, according to health experts, can increase the risk of acquiring heart disease and other health conditions like obesity, diabetes, back pain, and muscle strain. Not only that, but it can also lead to an early death when not given the proper attention. Keeping yourself in a stagnant position for several hours can cause physical stress and other detrimental health issues.

#6 They can help improve focus

Have you noticed yourself to be easily distracted checking new videos and social media accounts, even if it’s still working hours? Well, experts advised that standing can help improve your focus and concentration. It can also help you stay energized, even after working on your tasks each day.

More Companies are Already Using Standing Desks Even Before

You might be wondering if standing desks can really help the workers. Who else is using standing desks? Take it from the leading and most popular companies in the world today. Facebook, Google, and Twitter are just some of the many companies that provide standing desks to their employees.

You might also be thinking: if prolonged sitting for long hours can be dangerous, can standing for long hours have the same effect? For sure, we can’t always stand the entire day while working. There are also desk converters that can be easily attached to a table to create a desk that can be used either when you stand or sit.

Final Thoughts

No matter how many changes and improvements are introduced to our work trends today, standing desks can always play a significant role. Not only can they add style in the whole workplace, but they can also be a reliable work inclusion to achieve healthy and productive work experience.

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