How to Achieve A Work-Life Balance Remotely

Now that working remotely has been the most common work trend nowadays, it is amazing to know that it also gives the opportunity to create a work-life balance. This may seem to be a fantastic idea, but it is sometimes challenging to achieve. It requires proper planning, time management skills, discipline, and dedication to achieve it. Once a work-life balance is achieved, a lot of benefits to the health and productivity levels will be ensured.

Tips to Achieve Balance in Work and Life

It is possible to achieve balance in work and life, as long as you take realistic actions towards it. More and more working individuals are now learning on how to make the most of their opportunities to gain financial freedom, and spend more quality time with their loved ones, while still excelling on their jobs.

If you are one of those who are interested to create a work-life balance, here are some of the tips you can consider:

#1 Learn to prioritize your time

If your daily tasks included a list of fifty tasks on it, then the most important things to do is to categorize them first. Commonly, according to the experts, they should be sorted based on the following categories:

1. Urgent and important

2. Important but not urgent

3. Urgent but not important

4. Neither urgent nor important

#2 Understand and use your strengths

Often, you can’t do all the things on your own. Multitasking can be fine, but if you juggle yourself into several tasks on which some of them you’re not too familiar with, issues may arise. Focus on your skills, strengths, and capabilities. For instance, if image designing is not your forte, then you can outsource it. Even if it can be learned over time, you can focus on other tasks that you’re good at, instead of wasting time and energy on them.

#3 Create a schedule and stick to it

Having a schedule for your daily tasks will be helpful. It will serve as a guideline for you to follow. Make sure to stick to it. Once you’ve developed that habit, it will be easier to become dedicated and disciplined in working on your tasks. Productivity will be improved as well as efficiency on how things are worked out.

#4 Avoid procrastinating

Why work on tasks tomorrow if you can take action today? It’s always better to work on the things that you can finish now, instead of waiting for them to accumulate.

#5 Make time for yourself

Make some valuable time for yourself. You also need to relax and unwind from stress. You can do your hobbies, book travel, or spend time with your family and close friends. Not only will it bring benefits to your health, but it will also ensure that you’ll get refreshed and more motivated to get back to work.

#6 Manage your finances well

Whether you’re an employee or a business owner, it’s crucial that you know how to handle your finances properly. From smart spending to saving, you should know how to value the money you are generating from your efforts. Be careful also when entering any investment projects to make sure your resources will be at good hands. Utilize the power of today’s accounting software; they are reliable and promote efficiency in the process.

#7 Go for an ergonomic workspace

Invest in high-quality equipment for your workplace. It pays to have a comfortable and safe environment where you spend time working. Working for yourself does tend to require long hours and not much downtime, so invest in equipment that will support you. Such equipment and accessories may include standing desks, ergonomic chair, ergonomic mouse and keyboards, and other useful tools.

#8 Utilize the power of technology

Nowadays, there are innovative tools and platforms that we can use to make our work easier and more convenient. There are also various apps that can be installed in your phones that can be used for scheduling, task delegation, grammar checking, and others that provide help for employees and business owners. They are customized and created to cater to specific needs.

#9 Create a list or calendar of all important family commitments

One of the main reasons why we are dreaming and work-life balance is for us to spend more quality time with our loved ones. Mark on your calendars the holidays, birthdays, and other important events in your family that you would not want to miss. Strive also to have a productive weekend.

#10 Give time for exercise

Discipline yourself to pay attention to your health. One way to do that is to exercise. We all know that proper exercise can help make the body strong and in good condition. A healthy body means a refreshed mind and a better functioning physical body — all needed for accomplishing daily tasks.

#11 Grow your network and build engagement with them

By knowing and growing your network — your clients, followers, and leads — will help you create a stable position of making your business more successful. Make time for them; communicate and build engagement. They can be one of the best investments if you want your work or business to keep going.

#12 Do what you’re passionate about

Doing what you love will make you more motivated and inspired in achieving the goals you set. The more you enjoy your work, the better the results will be.

#13 Be realistic and evaluate the results

It’s important to keep track of and find out the results of every project or activity you do. At the end of the day, it will be helpful if you can evaluate yourself on what needs to be improved and what worked well in the process.

#14 Ask help from a business coach

A business coach will help you develop ideas and implement effective strategies for your work or business. Coaches are experts who can advise on which habits should be kept and which ones need to be altered.

#15 Always keep a positive mindset

There are moments when you will feel you’re at loss of inspiration and motivation. Thus, you became slow at the track towards success. There are helpful ways to solve that. Read books, visit a new place, listen to motivational podcasts, and talk to your family and friends. Spending time with some people you know can be uplifting and will help you maintain a positive mindset.

#16 Don’t forget to take a break

Daily tasks can vary; some will be easy, but some may take your time and patience. Do not overwhelm yourself too much with work. Take a break. Relax. Breathe. Do some stretching every 15 minutes. That may sound simple, but it works.

If you really want to enjoy the benefits of having a work-life balance, you need to make sure that your purpose and your actions are both aligned with your determination. Start applying the tips discussed, and for sure they will be of great help.

Ergonomic Sales Expert/Writer at - a standing desk retailer in Canada. | Sharing tips about productivity, success, motivation, and ergonomics.

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