How To Create An Ergonomic Workstation For Freelancers

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Nowadays, working as a freelancer is one of the most profitable careers for a lot of people. They usually work in the comfort of their chosen workplace. Some enjoy working with a cup of coffee at a coffee shop, or while having a vacation wherever they want.

However, it is still vital for them to make sure that their desk must be set up to a workplace that will not bring them discomfort.

If you’re a freelancer, you must find out how to create an ergonomic workplace for better comfort and productivity.

What Makes An Ideal Workstation?

A functional workstation for a freelancer must be able to maximize efficiency, time, and productivity. Since each of us has significant attention spans and productivity levels, the way we set up our workstations greatly matters.

Typically, freelancers choose to have a working environment with a laptop on a table, as well as other gadgets used in doing their tasks. With an ergonomic workplace, freelancers can enjoy the perks of working in the comfort of their home.

To set up a great workplace, you should have the following:

  • A desktop or laptop computer
  • A reliable Internet connection
  • Efficient A/C and heating system
  • A clean bathroom nearby
  • Accessible source of water and other beverages
  • An ergonomic chair that will make you comfortable at work
  • Other items that can make you more motivated and inspired in your work

Choosing a Chair. Choosing an ergonomically-designed chair can benefit you a lot in your work and health. The height of the chair is crucial; you should consider the height of the person when choosing the right chair.

The main rule is to make sure that your feet must rest flat on the floor while your lap is parallel to it. However, since people are now getting aware of the benefits that standing desks can bring to them, it is also crucial to learn how to select the best one to purchase. Always consider the quality and its features when buying a new chair, desk, and equipment.

Keep your arms on the table comfortably, so your wrist is supported. Make sure that your elbows are beside your body, forming a right angle, thus, not forcing any strain on the shoulders.

It is best to ensure that nobody can mess up with your workstation. Also, do not make it a habit to cross your legs or tuck your leg on the chair. That will be harmful to you.

Choose the Right Monitor. When you have already a good chair, then the next thing to consider is the type of screen you will use. One effective way to make sure that your screen is the right choice is by looking at the center of the screen straight forward. Experts also suggest that the top of your monitor must be at the user’s eyebrow level.

The good thing is that there are now available specially designed monitors which can bring you a lot of advantages to the health and career. Your monitor screen must not be too far or too close from you. Find the best position for your screen by putting your arms out in front of you, while making sure that the fingertips can touch the screen.

Choosing a Laptop. Although some freelancers prefer a desktop computer for their work, a lot also choose to have a laptop. It’s more convenient to use, and you can use it anywhere you want to work. Choose a laptop that works more ergonomically for you. Imagine how it will fit on your desk, and you can easily check on your emails and tasks. It’s also a good idea if you will have a separate keyboard for it. Use an ergonomic mouse and other accessories to provide you comfort while working.

Proper Lighting. Lighting in your room is crucial. It will be useful if you can let the sunlight enters in your work area, so you can still benefit from that Vitamin D. This is also essential for you to have excellent ventilation in the space. If you seem to have a difficult time to get that natural lighting, then you can have a daylight lamp on your work desk.

Take a Break. Working at home as a freelancer doesn’t mean that you will be confined in a room throughout the day. It is necessary to take a break which you can also do productively. When not working on your online job, you can work on your garden or cook your favourite food. Aside from that, you can do a little makeover or clean your entertainment room. This will help boost your creativity and unleash those unique talents you have to make you genuinely happy.

Ergonomics: A Quick Summary for Freelancers

Based on’s definition, ergonomics refers to “the applied science of equipment design, as for the workplace, intended to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort.”

Online jobs cause workers to spend several hours of sitting on their desks, staring on the computer monitor screens, and using mouse and keyboards.

At a glance, that seems to be a harmless situation. But if you will look closer into this, such working trend can bring various disadvantages to the health if proper attention is not given. This can bring eye strains, lousy posture, wrist injury problems, and other injuries.

You can avoid back problems by investing a good chair that has armrests, adjustable height, and efficient lumbar support. Especially if you’re conscious about your weight and would like to promote better posture, then a standing desk can be a great choice.

Use ergonomic keyboards and mouse to protect your wrists and avoid issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injury.

Protect your eyes and lessen eye strain by taking short breaks and rest. This is to make sure that you will not be too occupied by your work, that you forget how to take a walk, for instance. This will help in promoting better health and comfort at work. You can also install a display adjustment app to regulate the lighting of your computer as well as the brightness to develop better visibility in your surroundings.

Investing in an ergonomic workstation will bring significant benefits to your health and work productivity. In finding items such as ergonomic chairs and accessories, make sure to choose the best ones in the market. Always consider the quality, affordability, and offered features when buying that equipment.

Note: This article is previously published at Anthrodesk blog.

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