Standing Desks In Canada: Common Misconceptions When Buying a Sit Stand Desk

Standing desks are now a common inclusion in various workplaces in Canada. These equipment help workers to work more efficiently comfortably. With high-quality standing desks, workers can alternate between sitting and standing, thus keeping them safe from the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Today’s innovation and technological breakthroughs allow us to create a better work experience using ergonomic accessories and equipment. However, choosing the best ergonomic tools, such as standing desks, can be somehow challenging. This is because there are some common misconceptions when buying standing desks in Canada.

Standing Desks Help in Alleviating Sedentary Lifestyle Effects

Canadians are estimated to spend an average of ten hours a day being inactive or sedentary. This type of trend is common for office workers who spend long hours working on their desks while typing, encoding and other computer-related jobs. This can be risky and may lead to various health conditions. A sedentary lifestyle, according to a source online, is one of the most common causes of diabetes, back pain, neck pain, stress, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer.

Standing desks or sit-stand desks, along with other ergonomic accessories, are used to alleviate the adverse effects of an inactive lifestyle. Medical experts have advised that using ergonomic equipment can also promote better posture, thus, preventing back pain and other musculoskeletal problems.

The ability to alternate between sitting and standing can also help in reducing weight issues. Doing so can aid in reducing weight gain since it can help burn 50 extra calories in just an hour. That means if you stand for an average of three hours a day it would be equivalent to losing 750 calories per week. Just imagine how you can lose a significant amount of weight in a year!

Common Misconceptions When Buying Sit-Stand Desks

With the big demand today on standing desks, it is expected to have high competition among sellers. That makes buying standing desks online a bit challenging.

Below is some misleading information that you need to change when purchasing a sit-stand desk:

#1 All sit-stand desks are the same

When you browse online, you may notice that there are various new brands in the market. From time to time, more and more standing desk brands are getting popular. Of course, your main goal is to get the best quality for your money. With these factors, some buyers may think that all sit-stand desks are similar. This is a critical factor to consider. Make sure to check and compare the features they provide. Some may be manually operated, while some others are programmable. You can also check the materials used, as well as the kind of table tops they have. Every standing desk type is unique and your goal is to find the one that will give you the most efficient user experience with it.

#2 You need to buy a standing desk only if you have chronic pain or injury

Don’t be late and feel sorry before you buy a standing desk. Some employers and workers will just take action by investing on a standing desk when they are already experiencing pain in some parts of their bodies. This is not advisable since it can lead to worse health conditions. You should buy a standing desk for the purpose of preventing the dangers of prolonged sitting.

#3 All standing desks are expensive

Some standing desks may appear expensive on some online marketing platforms. However, not all quality standing desks are pricey. There are some top-notch sit-stand desks that can be bought at affordable prices. The best way to find a good buy is to compare prices from reliable stores.

#4 Standing desks can cause fatigue to its users

Prolonged standing can cause fatigue. That is why it is advisable to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. In addition, using an anti-fatigue mat can also help. This ergonomic accessory will aid you to stay active and comfortable while working on your standing desks.

#5 All shipping fees are the same for standing desks

When you’re browsing a product online, make sure to check the shipping options. Most websites provide shipping details on each item. Check the standard shipping options, as well as if there are additional charges when it comes to refunds and exchange.

For instance, AnthroDesk provides free shipping options and reliable customer service support for product inquiries. Most of our orders are processed within a day and delivered within 5 days. If a product delivery will take so long, then you should consider checking other stores.

AnthroDesk’s Array of Standing Desks and Desk Converters

If you’re looking for high-quality and affordable standing desks and desk converters, you need to check AnthroDesk’s store.

Standing Desks

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Desk Converters

ErgoSpring Standing Desk Converter — Extra Wide

Laptop Stand with Adjustable Folding Ergonomic Design Stand for Ultrabook, Netbook, or Tablet

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Sliding Standing Desk Converter (Cherry)

ErgoSpring Standing Desk Converter

Final Thoughts

Buying a sit-stand desk can be a bit challenging but it doesn’t need to be a bad experience. Make sure to not fall with the common misconceptions about standing desks. Be cautious in choosing the best product from a reliable store. Check their products’ features, materials used, price, delivery and shipping options, and the benefits they can provide to the user.

Another important reminder to consider is to use ergonomic accessories. Even if you have found a sit-stand desk that can be easily assembled, using the right tools and accessories also matters. Some of the accessories that you should use with a standing desk include an anti-fatigue mat, ergonomic mouse, CPU holder, monitor mounts and keyboard tray. Of course, when buying a new standing desk, ensure that you have a manual on how it will be set up and used properly.

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