Surprising Tips on How to Turn Your Negative Emotions into A More Powerful You

how to become successful, success
how to become successful, success

Negative emotions can significantly affect someone’s mind. They can feel like a haunting ghost giving horrors and doubts to one’s abilities. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to avoid or escape from those negative emotions, still they come to your innermost thoughts and make you feel weaker.

Some people can easily handle and fight those negative emotions. However, for some reason, other people are not that strong to face and fight them. When negative thoughts start thriving in your mind, you must take some actions to prevent them from affecting your quality of life.

How do Negative Emotions Affect You?

Negative emotions such as anger, frustration, fear, anxiety, resentment, and others are often experienced by people no matter how hard they strive to evade it. These emotional states are designed to make people feel uncomfortable. They cause extra stress on the body and mind that can lead to health issues when everything becomes too overwhelming. Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable; thus, escaping such negative emotions is a natural thing for us.

However, unknown to most of us, negative emotions can bring various benefits to our life. That may sound intriguing. Well, more often, there are surprises from the things we least expect to amaze us. They serve as compelling call-to-action for us. These negative emotions can be a way to send us messages that something may be wrong, and something needs to be done.

For instance, anxiety and anger can be a signal of an underlying issue that we need to attend to. Fear can signify that you need to leverage your matters of safety. Resentment can teach us how to be more inspired to change something in a relationship. Frustrations can make us realize that if we only learn to follow our passion, then great success can be with us. Generally, negative emotions alert us to do something in our lives and keep us to be motivated and make a big leap in our life.

Yes, it’s true that when we have negative emotions in our hearts, we become so weak and lose the confidence we used to have. But come to think of it: they can either break or make us. Most of us ignore the power of negative emotions. As quoted by Mark Manson:

“Negative emotions are a call to action. When you feel them, you’re supposed to do something. Positive emotions, on the other hand, are rewards for taking the proper action.”

So, the next time you feel bad, angry, empty, tired, and lonely, do not just try to escape from it. Instead, find how you can change such emotions to become a better and powerful YOU.

Negative Emotions that are Worth Embracing

Let’s admit it. We can’t always avoid negative emotions in our life. It would be better if we accept them to be a normal part of our existence. Life is not perfect, and it’s not also complete without those negative emotions. It’s not always happiness and success that make up our daily lives. We can also feel lonely, we will fail, and we can be disappointed with various things.

We mustn’t make those emotions worse; instead, we should welcome the idea that we should not miss their benefits. Believe it or not, negative emotions can serve as a magnet to attract positive emotions.

The following are six negative emotions that you can embrace and use to fuel up your life’s success:

#1 Being pessimistic can help you become more productive.

We used to believe that we must focus on the bright side of life. However, we must also take the chance to see what’s behind that dark side. It’s great to be optimistic because it helps in following your vision. However, it will also help if we try to find how we can learn from pessimism. What makes us feel that way? What happens when we always stay pessimistic? It’s essential to determine the proper balance between optimism and pessimism. It will help you become more ready to face anything, be it positive or negative.

An effective strategy is to write down your strengths and weaknesses on paper. Through this, you can view where you can focus more. Let’s say you have listed as one of your weaknesses the ability to deal with other people because you’re afraid of being rejected. Then, you can plan on how to improve it.

When you found out what are the things that can make you a pessimist person, then you will be able to take some actions to get improved.

#2 Anger can be turned into creativity.

Negative emotions can sometimes ignite creativity. A study conducted at Ghent University revealed that from 100 creative professionals as their respondents, the majority of them experienced to start the day with negative emotions. But, they end up being productive and create positivity for the rest of the day. It was found out as well that they were able to turn their anger into accomplished jobs. It was also discovered that negative emotions helped the respondents to switch their focus from hesitations to focus on their brainstorming.

When negativity strikes you, anger can also spark. You might get irritated with yourself or with the people around you. This is also a chance to convert that anger to a fuel that will ignite your passion for being more creative. This will help you understand more in-depth about any issue and then creatively formulate a solution.

#3 Dealing with shame can help you cultivate compassion.

Shame refers to the painful feeling when being humiliated and distressed. This starts when you feel in yourself that you’re not capable of, or you’re not enough to the eyes of people around you. That becomes the risk of having a fear that people will only see our flaws and would disregard the great things that we can do. For some, shame is nothing but a negative emotion that will eventually destroy dreams and lives.

However, not known to others is that shame can be used to build a better connection with others, and we become more compassionate with ourselves. When a person experiences shame and then learn to analyze why a shameful event happened, he/she will have the ability to understand that life can still be better. They will prove to themselves that shame can offer a turning point to where we should define ourselves to become even better individuals.

#4 Adversities can change your perspective.

Often, the biggest challenges in life serve as a way to make ourselves stronger and achieve personal growth. Those instances in our lives where we got scared and helpless can become blessings in disguise. They help alter their life’s perspective and help to understand what matters in life.

Life offers unexpected gifts despite all the hardships and misfortunes. Sometimes, it comes in the form of a new achievement, or a new career, or even a new relationship. We may already hear stories about some people who have suffered from a rare disease or have overcome various trials in life but still become successful today. Even the famous Michael Jordan, Oprah, Walt Disney, J.K. Rowling, and others have gone through several rejections and adversities in life. However, they chose to use them as their strength instead.

#6 Envy can make you realize how blessed you are.

When we lack something, we sometimes turn to envy other people rather than finding ways to make our lives better. When you feel you have envy, then you need to realize that not all people have everything. Then, you need to analyze what is the cause of your jealousy. Is it about material things or attention you can’t have? Is it a higher job position of your cousin or something else that makes you crave for more in life?

When not ceased or turned into a strong emotion, envy can destroy personal life and relationships with other people. What all of us must understand is that we can have everything in life, but they can be in different forms as compared with others. There’s no need to get jealous or envious of others. Instead, use that emotion to find the things and people you have in life and learn to treasure them.

Tips on How to Turn Your Negative Emotions to Your Success

Below are some of the helpful tips anyone can apply to turn negative emotions into massive success in your life.

#1 Take Responsibility

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” — Abraham Lincoln

Most people don’t want to recognize and accept responsibility. A lot complain about various things, make excuses and blame others for what’s happening in their life. In any adverse situation, the usual question you can hear is, “who is responsible for this?” Of course, nobody will ever want to take the blame, so they keep on pointing fingers to others. Will you do the same?

One of the most effective solutions for you to handle negative emotions is to be responsible. There were times when negative situations strike, leaving you with worries and doubts. You may ask yourself, “would I take the responsibility or not?”

If you want to be a stronger person, you must take full responsibility for everything you do. If something needs to be done, then you have to take charge of it. When a mistake is committed, then you have to be honest with yourself and with everyone. Through this, you’ll be able to free your worries, and you can make peace with your mind and with the people around you. Tell yourself, “I am responsible” for casting away the feelings of negativity. In that way, you’ll become more powerful.

#2 Complain Less

“When you turn toward the sunshine, the shadow falls behind you.” — Hellen Keller

Our life today is already overwhelming with issues and complaining less will help not to make things worse. Even the situation may seem more complicated than it was, and also when it feels like nothing is going right, take action instead of complaining.

To minimize difficult situations in life, you have to make essential decisions that won’t make you feel angry and frustrated. You have to take control of every aspect of your life instead of complaining. Accept every situation with calmness and look forward to a more proper way to empower yourself. Also, learn to forgive yourself, let go of what you cannot change and move on.

The most important thing is to be a product of positivity. If you learn to practice this, you’ll find every negative emotion a powerful insight for your success.

#3 Choose to be positive

When a negative situation occurs, and sadness starts to build a wall in a beautiful scene, affirm these words, “I choose to be positive.” What happens to your life is simply a product of the things you allow your emotions to enter. The key is to stop feeding your thoughts with negativity but to always look into the bright side.

#4 Get Yourself Busy

One of the best ways to get rid of negative emotions is to get yourself busy. Turn your negative emotions into the working hours of work. This is for you to don’t have to think of all the negative things around.

Don’t get stuck on unhealthy emotions; instead, take time to set meaningful goals. Besides, always look forward to positive actions you can do that can lead to success. Your willingness to take responsibility and self-discipline will help you become more powerful and will allow you to take full control of your thoughts and emotions.

By doing so, you’ll not just grow into a better person, but you will also become a more happy and positive person as well.

Dealing with negative emotions can turn you into a sick and hopeless, but don’t let this happen! You can be powerful enough if you practice doing the above tips. Say this to yourself, “I am a powerful person, and I am the master of my emotions!”

Do something that can turn your negative emotions into a powerful avenue for success.

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